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LADY ON LIFE – Reneilwe Marengwa

I came home one afternoon from playing outside with friends and I found my grandmother, the love of my life, busy in the kitchen. She called me over to her side and asked that I help peel these green apples that were lying on the table. She took one and started showing me how to peel. The way she held the apple…she held it carefully as if it had feelings and needed to be cared for. She was tender… she was soft… she was gentle…and made the whole experience beautiful…like art.

I don’t remember the details quite well but I do remember feeling blissful and loved. The kitchen was busy and filled with all sorts of intoxicating yummy smells that made me so hungry but my soul was calm and at peace.

At the end, we had made a beautiful scrumptious apple tart and I…I fell in love. This was the beginning of my love affair with food.

That was my childhood…moments and memories of my gracious grandmother who loved me deeply and expressed that love so fondly through food.

One delicious plate after the other, she showed me how to laugh my way through life, taught me about respect, showed me what forgiveness is and most importantly made me understand and value love…unconditional, all-consuming love.

With every meal I prepare, I do it with her love deep inside me hoping it translates beautifully on the plate, hoping that I can be such an amazing, gorgeous soul who inspires nothing but love through my food.